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Frozen Functions | Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Bar Toppings

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Frozen Functions | Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Bar Dessert Sauces



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Frozen Functions | Non-Dairy Soft Serve Dessert


Non-Dairy Alternative

Frozen Functions | Non-Dairy Soft Serve Dessert

Product Information:

Our non-dairy soft serve dessert mix does not require refridgeration while in transport

or during storage.  This product is Non-Dairy, Lactose Free, and Cholesterol Free.

The ingredients within this mix significantly reduces concerns associated

with liquid dairy products due to milk supply and contamination risks.


Product Instructions:


Measure 2 gallons (8 quarts) of cool tap water into sanitized mixing container.  Pour

the entire contents of one bag of mix into mixing container.  Stir with a wire whisk

until mix is completely dissolved, let mix stand 1-2 minutes then restir.

(Freeze in soft serve machine or cover and refrigerate immediately.)


Storage Conditions:

Keep product away from exposure to moisture and heat.

Ideal storage conditions are cool and dry.

Product Shelf Life: 


Unopened and under dry storage room temperatures (70F - 80F) = 12 months.